Automotive Leather Dye - Colour Chart

How to find the name of the leather colour?

Option 1 - Let us do it for you!
Just send us a quick email with your Car Registration Number and VIN/Chassis Number with all your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Option 2 - Speak to your local dealership or by checking details on your car build sheet.Please consult your car dealer by taking the vehicle identification number as a reference and ask them for the colour name (no numerical code).

Alternatively, cut off a little piece from below the seat or behind a panel. A 1 cm² sample is sufficient. You can send us a headrest, sun visor, panel or any other removable part which will be returned safely to you with any products you order.

Please click the respective manufacturer name to access the detailed sample list. Usually, all matt, black leathers are identical to our standard black F034 colour, which means they are available without surcharge.

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