Porsche Leather Dye

The colour swatches included below are purely for indication purposes only. It is important to identify the name of the leather colour before placing an order.

Porsche - achatgrau

Porsche - agave grün

Porsche - anthrazit

Porsche - ascotbraun natur Zweitonleder

Porsche - atacamabeige

Porsche - basaltschwarz

Porsche - bernsteinorange

Porsche - blau

Porsche - blauschwarz

Porsche - bordeauxrot

Porsche - boxsterrot

Porsche - braun natur - naturbraun

Porsche - brombeer

Porsche - burgundrot

Porsche - can-can

Porsche - carrara grau

Porsche - carraraweiß

Porsche - carrerarot

Porsche - cedargrün

Porsche - champagner

Porsche - classicgrau - klassikgrau

Porsche - cocoa Zweitonleder

Porsche - cognac

Porsche - crema - creme

Porsche - dunkelgrau

Porsche - dunkelgrau natur

Porsche - espresso - espressobraun

Porsche - ferrarigelb

Porsche - flamencorot

Porsche - giottograu

Porsche - graffitigrau

Porsche - granatrot

Porsche - granit grün

Porsche - graphitblau

Porsche - graugrün

Porsche - havanna

Porsche - himbeerrot

Porsche - indischrot

Porsche - island grün

Porsche - kalkbeige

Porsche - kaschmirbeige

Porsche - kastanienbraun

Porsche - kastanienbraun natur

Porsche - kieselgrau

Porsche - klassikgrau - classicgrau

Porsche - kobaltblau

Porsche - kork

Porsche - kreide

Porsche - leinen

Porsche - lichtgrau

Porsche - lime gold

Porsche - lipstickrot

Porsche - luxorbeige

Porsche - magenta

Porsche - magnolia

Porsche - mahagoni

Porsche - mambagrün

Porsche - marine - marineblau

Porsche - maritimblau

Porsche - marmorgrau

Porsche - marsalabraun

Porsche - marsalarot

Porsche - matador - matadorrot 2-Ton

Porsche - merantinbraun

Porsche - metropolblau

Porsche - mojawe

Porsche - moosgrün

Porsche - nachtblau

Porsche - naturbraun - braun natur

Porsche - naturgrau

Porsche - nephritegrün

Porsche - orange

Porsche - palmgrün

Porsche - perl-weiß

Porsche - perlgrau

Porsche - piniengrün

Porsche - platingrau

Porsche - provence blau

Porsche - purebeige

Porsche - rotbraun

Porsche - rubicongrau

Porsche - samtrot

Porsche - sandbeige

Porsche - sattelbraun

Porsche - savannabeige

Porsche - schiefer

Porsche - schiefergrau

Porsche - schwarz

This colour is identical to our standard colour F034, without special colour surcharge.

Porsche - seeblau (please send custom sample in case of imitation leather)

Porsche - seidengrau

Porsche - sherwood green

Porsche - silberblau-metallik

Porsche - sonnenbeige

Porsche - spacegrau

Porsche - speedblau

Porsche - speedgelb

Porsche - stahlgrau

Porsche - steingrau

Porsche - tarpanbraun

Porsche - tartufo hell

Porsche - terracotta

Porsche - titanblau

Porsche - trüffelbraun

Porsche - umbra

Porsche - veneziablau

Porsche - weinrot

Porsche - wimbledongrün

Porsche - yachtingblau

Porsche - zeder

Porsche - zimtbraun

The above samples of Porsche Leather Colours exist in our archive and can be mixed as a special colour.

Roughly 5 hides of leather are used in a Porsche 911 interior. Most Porsche’s have a fair amount of interior covered with leather. On average 3/4 of the interior in a Porsche Carrera is covered in leather and about 1/4 in a Porsche Boxster. Our Leather Dyes are also suitable for application on Vinyl & plastic interior parts of Porsche. Below is a list of Porsche leather samples that we have collected over the years and they are all original leather samples obtained directly from the manufacturers or sent in by customers.

Our standard ‘Black Leather Dye - F034’ is a good match for Black Porsche interiors and hence no additional colour mixing charge will be applicable. All Porsche Leather Dyes are mixed to order and as per the leather sample we have in our collection. An additional colour mixing charge of $29.00 will be added in such cases.

How to find the name of the leather colour?

Option 1 - Let us do it for you!
Just send us a quick email with your Car Registration Number and VIN/Chassis Number with all your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Option 2 - Speak to your local dealership or by checking details on your car build sheet. Please consult your car dealer by taking the vehicle identification number as a reference and ask them for the colour name (no numerical code).


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