Jaguar Leather Dye

The colour swatches included below are purely for indication purposes only. It is important to identify the name of the leather colour before placing an order.

Jaguar - acorn

Jaguar - almond

Jaguar - arabica

Jaguar - barley (dark beige)

Jaguar - barley (hellere Variante)

Jaguar - biscuit

Jaguar - black

This colour is identical to our standard colour F034, without special colour surcharge.

Jaguar - bordeaux

Jaguar - brogue

Jaguar - camel

Jaguar - caramel

Jaguar - cashew

Jaguar - cashmere

Jaguar - champagne

Jaguar - cirrus

Jaguar - doeskin

Jaguar - dove

Jaguar - ebony

Jaguar - ecru

Jaguar - espresso

Jaguar - granite

Jaguar - isis blue

Jaguar - ivory

Jaguar - jet

Jaguar - khaki

Jaguar - london tan

Jaguar - lunar

Jaguar - magnolia

Jaguar - mineral X351

Jaguar - mocha

Jaguar - mulberry

Jaguar - navy

Jaguar - new tan

Jaguar - nimbus grey

Jaguar - oatmeal

Jaguar - oyster

Jaguar - parchment

Jaguar - pimento

Jaguar - red

Jaguar - red zone

Jaguar - saville grey

Jaguar - siena tan

Jaguar - slate blue

Jaguar - spice

Jaguar - suede green

Jaguar - tan

Jaguar - truffle

Jaguar - vintan

Jaguar - warm charcoal

The above samples of Jaguar Leather Colours exist in our archive and can be mixed as a special colour.

Use Colourlock Leather Fresh (Dye) to touch up minor scuffs, small scratches and colour damage. If the scratches are deep use Colourlock Fluid Leather to fill the scratches before touching up using the colour. This chart covers XK-120, XK-140, XK-150, E-Type, MK1, MK2, S-Type, 420, 240 & 340, early XJ6, Mark V, Mark V11, Mark V111, Mark 1X, Mark X. Our standard ‘Black Leather Dye - F034’ is a good match for all Jaguars with Black leather interiors and hence no additional colour mixing charge will be applicable.All other Jaguar Leather Dyes are mixed to order and as per the leather sample we have in our collection. An additional colour mixing charge of $29.00 will be added in such cases.

How to find the name of the leather colour?

Option 1 - Let us do it for you!
Just send us a quick email with your Car Registration Number and VIN/Chassis Number with all your contact details and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Option 2 - Speak to your local dealership or by checking details on your car build sheet. Please consult your car dealer by taking the vehicle identification number as a reference and ask them for the colour name (no numerical code).


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