COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream, 250 ml

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Application areas: Furniture Leather, Leather Clothing

Artificial leather
Aniline leather
Refined aniline leather
Pigmented leather
PU leather
Pull Up leather
Semi-aniline leather
Suede and nubuck leather

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COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream offers intensive protection for all fine-pore, matt and sensitive top-grain leathers. To check if your leather is aniline, simply put a small drop of water onto the surface. If it soaks in and darkens the surface, then you will need to protect it against dirt and stains.

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Used regularly, COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream provides a strong barrier against all types of stains and soiling. This treatment is best applied at an early stage as a preventative measure as stains that have already been absorbed into the leather are hard to remove without professional help.

Typical areas of application:

The Aniline Cream should only be applied to clean leather! Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.

Amount: 250 ml (sufficient for a complete set of furniture)


Wet a soft, lint-free cloth slightly with the Aniline Cream and apply evenly in a circular motion, from seam to seam, on the leather's surface. Wait about ten minutes and repeat application. New aniline leather should be treated at least three times in order to prevent stains and discolouration. When finished, warm the surface slightly with a hair dryer. This improves the protective effect.
Strained surfaces should be treated at least every three months. Clean the leather carefully with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cleaner before each treatment.
This is a gentle cleaner but not suitable for nubuck or suede. Slightly moisten a soft, lint-free piece of cloth with the Cleaner and clean in a circular motion from seam to seam - never apply directly on the leather! Soak up moisture and dirt immediately with a suitable cloth. Avoid too much pressure while rubbing. Test on a hidden area first. Please note that drawn-in stains cannot be removed using the Aniline Cleaner (see pictures). In these cases, please ask us for advice.

Oil stains on a new open-pore top-grain leather

Stain on a high-quality absorbent car leather

Drawn-in stain on a open-pore natural leather

More Information
Ingredients Aniline Cream
Ingredients according to "INCI" (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients):
Ingredients of the odorants and preserving agents according to "INCI"
(The INCI information assists persons who are allergic to certain compounds, which are harmless to most other persons, in identifying these.)
Ingredients explained in a more understandable way:
Natural wax and fluor polymers (stain protection), moisturizer, friction reducer.
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