COLOURLOCK Aniline, Suede & Nubuck UV Protector, 400 ml (Aerosol)

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Application areas: Furniture Leather, Shoes, Bags & Accessories, Leather Clothing, Aniline, Suede & Nubuck

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Aniline leather
Refined aniline leather
Pigmented leather
PU leather
Pull Up leather
Semi-aniline leather
Suede and nubuck leather

Available Sizes
• Made in Germany
• Suitable for NEW aniline or Suede & Nubuck Leather
• It cares and protects the leather from drying and prevents fading
• It restores the suppleness and gives a noticeable change in texture and feel
• Restores the material's nap and luminescence on older suede garments and shoes

Aniline, nubuck, buffalo and velour leathers are porous or sanded leathers with a soft or velvet-like surface. While they look attractive and are pleasing to the touch, they are sensitive to dirt and stains and can become glossy and greasy over time. Bleaching is common.

Amount: 400 ml. This is sufficient for several treatments of a set of furniture. In rare cases of very dry leather which has not been treated for a long time, the need may be higher.

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For new aniline or suede leather, we recommend our COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector. It protects the leather from drying and bleaching. To guard against stains, the leather should additionally be treated with our COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for nubuck leather and textile clothing. Ideally this should be done within a year, and more frequently afterwards. The waterproofing is always applied last.


Always test any products first in a hidden area for changes or colour correctness! Use according to instructions on the label.

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