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Aniline leather is top grain leather that is coloured all the way through with a transparent dye. It is porous and has no surface coating. This type of leather is very sensitive and very hard to clean, which is why preventative care is strongly recommended.

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Always ask a specialist first in such cases!
Aniline leather which has not been sufficiently treated is porous. This means that any dirt and liquids that sink into the leather will resist superficial cleaning. Please note our instructions for cleaning and caring for aniline leather! Where the leather has absorbed dirt and stains please ask for advice first. Inadequate cleaning attempts may make the damage worse.
Protecting the leather with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cream will prevent dirt and stains from sinking into the surface, making them easier to remove with COLOURLOCK Aniline Cleaner.
COLOURLOCK Aniline Cleaner comes in a foam dispenser bottle. This makes it possible to clean without water, which is the gentlest method for this type of leather.

Amount: 50 ml foam dispenser bottle


Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour

Apply some foam on a soft, lint-free cloth and clean from seam to seam in a circular motion. Never apply directly to the leather! Soak up any residue immediately with a soft cloth. Dry dark spots caused by drawn-in liquid with a hair dryer (not too hot!). Avoid rubbing too hard. Test on a hidden area first as drawn-in stains cannot be removed with the Aniline Cleaner (see pictures). In these cases, please ask us first for advice.

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