How to clean and protect artificial leather and plastic in car interiors

Imitation leather or Artificial leather is also called „faux leather”, “synthetic leather” or “leatherette”. In cars a lot of surfaces are iartificial leather or plastic with a leather grain texture. Such surfaces are usually robust and easy to maintain. Clean soiled surfaces with COLOURLOCK Artificial Leather Cleaner. In case of heavy soling, let soak for a minute and also use the COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush to remove the dirt.

Protect the surface with COLOURLOCK Artificial Leather Protector. The surface gets an invisible protective film that prevents penetration of dirt and the surface is preserved. The recommended products are available as COLOURLOCK Artificial Leather Clean & Care Set.

Older artificial leather and plastics lose their softening and become dry, brittle and break sometimes. This process can hardly be influenced. Regular cleaning and sealing delays this process. It also reduces the dulling and fading of surfaces.  

Some synthetic leather and plastic surfaces tend to fade or soft paint layers on plastic surfaces rub off. Local and little colour damages can be repaired with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.

COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh cannot sink into the surface. Therefore COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh has to be repeatedly dabbed on the surface and has to be dried with a hairdryer between each layer. Before using COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh, degrease the surface with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit. Use the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad to smooth down irregularities.

Big surfaces of artificial leather and plastic parts can be recoloured professionally with a spray gun. Please refer to our instruction “THOW TO COLOUR ARTIFICIAL LEATHER AND PLASTIC - FOR PROFESSIONALS”.

Artificial leather and plastic parts can also be coloured with Spray Can Colour for coated leather. But these spray can colours are too glossy for most car interiors. As the choice of colour tones in spray cans is limited, the colour must be changed and the complete surfaces have to be done.

Little cracks and rips can be filled and repaired with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather. Then work over with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to adjust colour and gloss level.

Preserve older imitation leather and plastic parts with Artificial Leather Protector. The Artificial Leather Protector prevents soiling and reduces friction damages. The Artificial Leather Protector does not add any gloss. Apply evenly with a soft cloth and let dry.

Paint is too soft. Adjust colour with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.

Small crack: COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit, COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather and COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh. A scar will remain and repairs will not be invisible

Friction damage: Use COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather, COLOURLOCK GLD Pen and COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh

Driver seat: Entire surface is brittle. Should be re-trimmed. 

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