COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh Dye, 150 ml

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COLOURLOCK Leather Dye, also known as Leather Fresh, revitalizes the leather's original colour where it has suffered scratches, abrasions or slight fading (commonly found in car seat side bolsters and furniture seating areas). The colour can be prepared according to our colour chart or a leather sample.

Amount: COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh, 150 ml is an excellent leather colour restorer. This is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior or set of furniture. The colour should only be applied to areas with colour changes. In the event of extreme colour changes, a larger amount of product may be necessary.


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F001 - Green Beige
F002 - Ivory
F003 - Light Green Beige
F004 - Pebble Beige
F005 - Olive Yellow
F006 - Light Ochre
F007 - Light Olive Brown
F008 - Beige Red
F009 - Dark Ochre
F010 - Light Moss Green Grey
F011 - Light Pink
F012 - Beige
F013 - Beige Grey
F014 - Ochre Brown
F015 - Medium Brown
F016 - Mahogany Brown
F017 - Dark Khaki Grey
F018 - Khaki Grey
F019 - Chocolate Brown
F020 - Dark Brown
F021 - Brown Violet
F022 - Violet
F023 - Salmon Orange
F024 - Copper Red
F025 - Red Brown
F026 - Bordeaux
F027 - Olive Green
F028 - Light Blue Green
F029 - Pine Green
F030 - Black Green
F031 - Blue Green
F032 - Moss Green
F033 - White
F034 - Black
F035 - Light Green Grey
F036 - Cement Green Grey
F037 - Grey
F038 - Black Blue
F039 - Cobalt Blue
F040 - Medium Blue
F041 - Sapphire Blue
F042 - Signal Yellow
F043 - Traffic Yellow
F044 - Zinc Yellow
F045 - Aubergine
F046 - Anthracite

We will be glad to send you a colour chart by post. Please send us your address to with a short description of the leather problem. We will supply you with the colour chart and appropriate information.

For bright colours, comparison with the colour chart (or submission of a leather sample) is especially important. Each computer screen displays colours in a different way. By using the printed colour chart, you can compare the standard colours much more exactly to your leather and decide whether a standard colour is sufficient, or whether a sample might be necessary to find a match.

Click on the coloured fields to make the desired colour appear in the multiple-choice area. F034 is black.


Special colours are mixed according to a sample. This applies also to the automotive colours in our archive. The surcharge for a special colour is $ 29.00. This surcharge will be applied only once per special colour and order, so you won't be charged twice should you also choose for instance a Fluid Leather Filler in the same colour.