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Send me a free colour chart!

We will be happy to send you a colour chart by paper mail. Please let us know your address along with a short description of the leather problem. You will receive the colour chart along with suitable information texts.

Regarding light colours especially, comparison with the colour chart or submission of a leather sample are important for a beautiful result. Each device displays colours in a different way, while you can compare your leather to the paper colour chart with much more accuracy in order to ascertain whether a standard colour is sufficient or a sample will be needed.

If the colour required is not part of the colour chart, we will need a sample. The special colour surcharge per colour is £10.99.


When you order a Fluid Leather and Leather Fresh together, the surcharge will only be applied once.
The minimum amount of Leather Fresh in a special colour is 150 ml. The 30 ml variety in a special colour is only available in combination with a Fluid Leather in the same colour.

Furniture: Lift the object a little and remove some staples from the bottom of the lining. Proceed to remove a small piece of protruding leather using nail scissors or a utility knife. A 1 cm² piece is sufficient. Close the area again with thumbtacks.

Vehicles: We maintain an archive of leather samples from car manufacturers (see this link). Please consult your car dealer taking the vehicle identification number as a reference and ask him/her for the colour name (no numerical code). Alternatively, cut off a little piece from below the seat or behind a panel. A 1 cm² sample is sufficient. You can also send us a headrest, sun shield, cover or panel, which we will, of course, send back to you.

We can also mix Leather Fresh and Fluid Leather in special colours according to RAL colour codes. RAL colour charts are usually available in paint stores or workshops. These charts are considerably more extensive than our colour chart.

Please always consult us by e-mail or contact form before making an order involving custom samples!

Please also note that the Spray Can Colour for coated leather is not available in every colour of the colour chart. Check the product page for availability.

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