How to recolour leather shoes, steering wheels, belts and saddle bags using spray can colour


To refresh the colour and to change the colour of shoes, steering wheels, belts and saddle bags, Spray Can Colour for coated leathers can be used. Cleaning the surface prior to colouring ensures the paint adheres perfectly and gives the surface a new look.

Full colouring jobs on furniture or car upholstery should be done by professional leather repair companies with the appropriate materials. The spray can colour is unsuitable for large

surfaces. The gloss level is too high and the surface feels too plastic like. Nubuck and suede can’t be coloured.


Always test all products in a hidden area first! Adequate care must be taken when working with solvents and aerosols. Ensure good ventilation and work away from sources of ignition.

1. First the leather must be thoroughly degreased with COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Spirit.

2. Sand rough areas with COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad.

3. Use masking tape to thoroughly cover relevant areas to avoid overspray.

4. Apply thin films of leather colour and let dry in between. A hair dryer can be used. Avoid thick layers so that the paint does not run. Repeat the process until all layers have covering.

5. Care and protect the result a day later with COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver.


150 ml Spray Can Colour for coated leather - Aerosol
One 150ml can is sufficient for a pair of shoes or roughly 1/2 square meter.

400 ml Spray Can Colour for coated leather – Aerosol
400 ml can is sufficient for about 2 square meters. (400 ml are only available in black and white!)

We offer the following colours (not all colours of the colour chart are available and colour sprays cannot be adjusted to samples):

dark brown
dark red
fire red
light grey

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