Instructions for the use of Super Glue Remover

Below we have detailed procedures and instructions in the event that some super glue drips on leather, artificial leather or plastics. Most spots cannot be removed completely, even if glue stains are fresh. Many cleaners or cleaning methods attack the surface and leave stains.

COLOURLOCK Super Glue Remover is designed specially for pigmented leather (surface-dyed leather), plastic and synthetic leather to remove super glue stains.

Instructions: First test, if the surface is porous. Rub a drop of water on the surface to see if it penetrates in and darkens the surface. If your leather is porous, it will need to be treated professionally. If not, wet a cloth with the COLOURLOCK Super Glue Remover and also test before in a hidden area.

Clean soiled surfaces before with COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner.

Drop some COLOURLOCK Super Glue Remover on a clean, soft terry cloth. Wipe carefully to remove the super glue until the glue dissolves. On old spots, wait about a minute after applying COLOURLOCK Super Glue Remover. Repeat if necessary. Only rub whilst the surface is wet. If the surface gets sticky wait for it to get it dry as otherwise the surface can be damaged. Finally, remove the cleaner residue with a damp terry cloth.

After the cleaning process, protect the surface with COLOURLOCK Leather Shield. In case of partial dissolution of colour, the surface will need to be recoloured with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh.

Close the bottle tightly after use and store out of reach of children!

Two weeks old faded spot.The above cleaning process was followed to remove the stain.

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