How to clean perforated leather car seats

Leather perforation is a matrix of holes in regular intervals on leather surfaces. IThis technique is commonly used on automotive upholstery. In the furniture sector, there are only perforations on the back sides of leather cushions for ventilation reasons. Shoes and leather clothing are sometimes perforated because of design reasons.

Leather seats in cars are perforated to allow better breathability through the pigmentation and to allow moisture to be released more effectively and reduce sweating. Perforations also support the effect of seat heating or seat cooling systems. However, perforations also make the seats more sensitive to stains. Below, we have described some best practices for cleaning and maintaining perforated leather.

Perforated leather should only be cleaned when dirt is visible. Use care products every three to six months depending on usage of the upholstery. Apply all products sparingly in the area of perforation to not fill or wet the holes. Otherwise the moisture penetrates into the leather and swells the edges of the perforation holes. Excessive use of liquid products can cause the cushion core to become wet. This moisture can migrate back through the leather and cause visible stains on the surface. Also, residues of cleaning or conditioning products in perforation holes are unappealing and difficult to remove.

When cleaning, the following procedure is recommended: Put some cleaning foam on a soft cloth and carefully clean the leather. Always start on a surface that is not perforated. Remove cleaner residues with a damp cloth. If the area is too wet, dry the leather immediately with a hair dryer and leave the car open for ventilation until the leather is dry.

Also when using, conditioning products work with little amounts. Use a slightly damp cloth and always start in an area without perforation. Using COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver, always wipe some grease into the cloth first before wiping over the leather surface.

If you follow these basic practices, there are no risks due to the perforation and the leather remains beautiful for a long period.

Stains caused due to moisture. Only professional colouration can solve the problem. Sometimes edges remain.

Perforated steering wheel.

Perforated seat with abrasion. No problem to repair with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh. It will not fill the holes.

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