COLOURLOCK Leather Handbag Cleaning & Conditioning Kit

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Artificial leather
Aniline leather
Refined aniline leather
Pigmented leather
PU leather
Pull Up leather
Semi-aniline leather
Suede and nubuck leather

This kit contains:

• 15 ml Elephant Leather Preserver
• 30 ml Mild Leather Cleaner
• Sponge

Amount: This is sufficient for approx. 5 square metres of leather.

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Area of application

For the cleaning and care of nappa leather jackets, bags, suitcases, shoes, saddles and belts.
The COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner removes any dirt before treating the leather, and the COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver protects and waterproofs all types of nappa leather and keeps it supple.

Made of 100 percent synthetic fat, it is acid free, odour neutral and free of vegetable or animal fats. It will protect the leather from mould or breaching. This recipe is used by museums for protecting and preserving old and hardened leather.


Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.

Mild Leather Cleaner

Apply the cleaner to a slightly moistened sponge and press the foam out of it. Clean the leather with the foam. Use the Leather Cleaning Brush to remove any dirt from the grain. Remove the dirty foam residue with a slightly moist, clean cloth.

Elephant Leather Preserver

Rub a small amount into a clean, soft piece of cloth and apply it to the leather and, if applicable, polish it afterwards. The product is difficult to use in cold temperatures so you may need to warm it slightly with a hair dryer.

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More Information
Ingredients Mild Leather Cleaner
Ingredients according to "INCI" (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients):
Ingredients of the odorants and preserving agents according to "INCI"
(The INCI information assists persons who are allergic to certain compounds, which are harmless to most other persons, in identifying these.)
Ingredients explained in a more understandable way:
The Mild Leather Cleaner is a gentle cleaner adjusted to the pH value of leather.

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