COLOURLOCK Leather & Suede Glue, 20 g

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Application areas: Car Leather, Furniture Leather, Bags & Accessories, Leather Clothing

Artificial leather
Aniline leather
Refined aniline leather
Pigmented leather
PU leather
Pull Up leather
Semi-aniline leather
Suede and nubuck leather

• Made in Germany
• Suitable to permanently glue all forms of leather and remains flexible
• Perfect for repairing small rips and tears in general repair work like sticking backlining cloths
• Easy to glue hems on suede and leather clothing
• Quantity is sufficient to repair several small tears and holes

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Remove the pointed cap from the tube and apply a thin layer of glue. If required, spread with a spatula. Wait for a short while, then let the rips dry edge to edge, or glue the back lining - if possible - using pressure.

Those larger rips and holes in leather which are still repairable must be stabilized by back lining them with cloth. Cut the cloth into the required shape and mark the centre with a felt tip pen or a small sticker. The marking helps you to recognize the centre in order to ensure consistent overlapping. Fix the centre with a needle and spread the edges evenly under the leather with a spatula. Then stick with glue.
Garment leather is often very delicate. Apply the product especially thinly in order to avoid the glue coming through and showing as a dark spot on the leather's surface.

The COLOURLOCK Leather Glue is excellent for closing rips in advance of Fluid Leather repairs and suitable for the backlining of rips and holes.


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